Counter Strike Portable

An amazing web browser based port of Counter Strike is known as Counter Strike Portable. You can jump to the battlefield as either terrorist or counter terrorist just by selecting the desired weapon. The incredible game play and graphics made it stand out.

The immense improvement on hardware capabilities on mobile development has made it possible to feel the thrilling experience of Counter Strike Portable. Google’s android is so far the best among all operators. Along with offering the most optimal functionality, android offers consistent update. Now, android brought the 10 year old counter strike back to a new life.

Counter strike is the most phenomenal first person shooter game of the last decade. This game successfully enchants millions of gamer across the whole world by its competitive game strategy and modern arms. And now the CS portable for android is available for more amazing mobile gaming. CS portable is not only for android operating system, it is also available for devices with other operators.

The portable version of Counter Strike is best for its simple interface. The simple interface of this game also helps to avail more information about the number of players, available servers and the kind of maps. The classic counter strike is totally different from its portable version. But the mechanisms are still the same. The fantastic feature of CS portable is, every player will be provided with AK-47 as soon as they start the game. You can remain at the same accurate option even after spewing bullets one at a time.

To take the full advantage of this game, you need to know how to play Counter Strike Portable well. At first you need to know the control.

How To Play:

The movement can be made using the arrow keys or ‘WASD’ keys.

The X key should be used for crouch and left shift for ‘walk’.

While the left mouse button is used for fatal knife stab, right one is used for quick knife stabs.

You have to hold on the ‘R’ key for reloading.

For shooting purpose, left mouse button should be used.

In many points of the game, you may need to take help of bomb. In that case, you may plant bomb by holding left mouse button and by holding onto the ‘E‘ key, you may deactivate the bomb.

This amazing game is a must to play for the First Person Shooter (FPS) game lovers as this gives the ultimate portable gaming experience with incredible graphics.

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